Stephanie Kinchen, CPDT-KA

Stephanie KinchenI was born and raised and have raised my family right here in Vero Beach. I have had dogs, cats and horses my whole life but my connection has always been with the dogs.

In 2009 after getting a new puppy, I attended a Positive Reinforcement Training class with him and was hooked. I volunteered to assist in training classes and started reading everything I could get my hands on about this scientific way to train dogs.

I then sought formal education through classes and seminars. I became certified by CPDT in March of 2012. As a Certified Professional Dog Trainer individuals must meet strict experience criteria and pass a lengthy proctored examination. I must stay current on the latest research and training strategies through continuing education.

Through my love of rescue, I am strongly attached to the mother dogs and their offspring that must go through so much to provide for her family and survive on her own. By dedicating to these families. We can make a difference.